Brain Candy

Funny how Reason articles always feel like a guilty pleasure to me. Here's a great article called: Everyday Acts of Resistance: Do brain scans prove that people are powerless against chocolate cake and porn?

By focusing on brain scans and analogies to drugs widely (though wrongly) believed to be irresistible, activists like Banzhaf obscure the possibility of self-control. As the psychiatrist Sally Satel observed at a 2003 conference on obesity, "virtually every pleasure we encounter is associated with surges in dopamine," and brain images "cannot distinguish between an irresistible impulse and an impulse that is not resisted."

I'm suddenly reminded of the now infamous but still very great movie comedy central put out a few years ago: Porn N' Chicken. In the best line (in my opinion) to ever come off of comedy central, the founders of the club, while dressed in ridiculous disguises, respond to the question "Why Porn and Chicken?" with:

"Fried chicken is delicious, and porn, well that's video of people having sex with each other."

Likewise reading Reason can be awfully addictive. If only there was a centrally controlled, bureaucratic oversight agency, funded with money stolen from other people, and mandated by the federal government that could swoop in and protect my fragile mind from the enticing arguments and superior reasoning of Reason.

Perhaps I could finally reclaim my life from the hours spent purusing their pages every month and dedicate that time to consuming more chocolate, and perhaps, just perhaps, to shopping.

I guess I'll never know.

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If Reason stops you from

If Reason stops you from shopping, it is suppressing commercial activity. Commerce Clause!


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