Mis-Keystroke Help Requested

All too often when trying to enter a blog comment somewhere, my left hand accidently slips left off the a-s-d-f keys and strikes a key or keys unknown that blank out all of my previously entered text. This is highly annoying. I am soliciting suggestions to explain what keys may have been hit.

By accident in the last couple of days, I have found that if I immediately follow the loss of text by a ctrl-Z, the text is restored in a highlighted (selected) display.

For background, this is all using IE6.0 under Win98SE. The keys in the target area are as follows :

Bottom Row L-to-R : CTRL key , Windows Start Menu Key, ALT key, space bar

Second Row L-to-R : SHIFT key, Z key, X key, C key

Third Row L-to-R : CAPS LOCK, A key, S key, D key

Any ideas that might help explain these symptoms would be appreciated.

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My guess is that you're

My guess is that you're hitting CRTL-A ("select all") followed by a whitespace key (tab or space). That would select all of the text and then replace it with the whitespace character.

Are you typing on a laptop?

Are you typing on a laptop? Sometimes, when I'm typing on my laptop, my thumb will ever so gently brush against the thumbpad, and all hell will break loose.

- Josh

Try ctrl-Z. That often

Try ctrl-Z. That often works as "undo" in both Mozilla and MSIE under Windows.

All, Thank you. This is a


Thank you.

This is a desktop computer.

The ctrl-z key does indeed undo.

The space key does indeed overwrite the text, but the tab key forces the cursor out of the comment box.

It seems that ctrl-A, space and ctrl-z matches the symptoms, as does substituting ctrl-x for the space. It also seems likely that ctrl-v can be used instead of ctrl-z to recover.

Thanks again, Don

"IE6.0" might be your

"IE6.0" might be your problem right there?
Try firefox (www.spreadfirefox.com)and see if that fixes it.

I have the same problem on a

I have the same problem on a Dell laptop with
a touchpad so I desensitized it.

No change.

Have been looking far and wide for an explanation.

I can also recover with ctrl-z as you do but
there are times when the cursor just arbitrarily
jumps up a line or two while I'm typing.

I should have specified that

I should have specified that I'm using
NoteTab Light on XP when it happens.

I suspect it's a hardware problem.