The Nobel? You can keep it.

Continuing a trend of giving prizes to people I've never heard of (and who likely don't deserve them), the Nobel Committee gave its Peace Prize to Kenyan environmentalist Wangari Maathai today. Says Reuters:

Calling humanity a threat to the planet, Kenyan environmentalist Wangari Maathai has urged democratic reform and an end to corporate greed after becoming the first African woman to collect the Nobel Peace Prize.

She said sweeping changes were needed to restore a "world of beauty and wonder" by overcoming challenges ranging from AIDS to climate instability.

Maathai founded a campaign that has planted 30 million trees across Africa in a bid to slow deforestation.

"Activities that devastate the environment and societies continue unabated," Maathai, Kenya's deputy environment minister, said in a Nobel acceptance speech at a glittering ceremony in Oslo City Hall.

"Today we are faced with a challenge that calls for a shift in our thinking, so that humanity stops threatening its life-support system," Maathai, 64, told an audience of about 1,000 people including Norway's King Harald and Queen Sonja.

"I call on leaders, especially in Africa, to expand democratic space and build fair and just societies," she said.

Nonsense, nonsense, nonsense, and oh yeah, peace and stuff. While sounding a lot like the average environmentalist loony, she also has some special insights into the Kenyan ecosystem:

Maathai said a stream where she used to see frogs and tadpoles as a child 50 years ago had dried up. "The challenge is to restore the home of the tadpoles and give back to our children a world of beauty and wonder," she said.

This is prize-worthy?

At least her tree-planting campaign seems to be a voluntary, grassroots effort to make a difference without forcing all her neighbors to pursue the same goals, though if I'm wrong about this I know an alert Catallarchist reader will set me straight.

I recall Hans Hoppe saying that only one libertarian has ever won the Peace Prize, so I shouldn't be too surprised when some plainly undeserving person gets it. I know that the Nobel Committee is not exactly a neutral group, and I also know that only lefties are really associated with peace efforts in the eyes of most people. Still, I don't see how even healthy dose of creativity makes the economically and scientifically ignorant and politically misguided into heroes.

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I've learned that anyone who

I've learned that anyone who says that we "as a society need to undergo a shift in our thinking" or some such idiotic phrase, is a person whom one should never trust. Period.

well for a prize that was

well for a prize that was won by Yasser Arafat and not by Mahatma Gandhi, I don't think it holds much credibility.


Agree with your point. Just

Agree with your point. Just so you known, though, the Prize was given out sometime in October.

Matt, that was hysterical --

Matt, that was hysterical -- 'evil-minded scientists'! Randall, I hadn't done much of any reading on the nobel winners -- trees in Africa? Yeah, that's what comes to mind right away when I think about what the people there need.

Oh it gets better Randall.

Oh it gets better Randall. She thinks that AIDS is a bio-engineered virus made to wipe out black people. No shit.

Who, in your opinion, would

Who, in your opinion, would be deserving of the prize this year. Albert Einstein revived? Adam Smith? Angel Gabriel?

its for entertaiment

its for entertaiment purposes only. those prizes might as well go to the janitor who sweeps up at the hall. the peace prize just happens to be the most ludicrous of them all.

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I catagorically reject all your nasty and ignorant comments about me!
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This blog practices vile

This blog practices vile censorship! This confirms my belief that liberatarians are simply fascists under a pseudonym.

I think planting 30 million

I think planting 30 million trees is a great accomplishment, probably more than any of us will do (possible exception patri with his seasteading ideas, but that's if and when.) I also miss the tadpoles and frogs from when i was a kid. Just because we are raving anarchocapitalists doesn't mean we have to celebrate the desertification of africa and the americas,
largely as a result of state mismanagement and the tragedy of the commons.

Hey, somebody quick, remove

Hey, somebody quick, remove eraserhead's post.

Finally, a worthy follower!

Finally, a worthy follower!

So it's true, aardvarks

So it's true, aardvarks can't see in color... :sweat:

In all honesty, that's a

In all honesty, that's a good point, Arbitrary.

Heck even a small

Heck even a small capitalistic outfit like Musser Forests has resulted in the planting of over thirty five million trees last year alone, and they have been in operation for over fifty years. Assuming linear growth Musser Forests has planted over eight hundred seven five million trees.

I am afraid Ms. Maathai and her Green Belt Movement are pikers having only planted twelve million trees.

I nominate the president of Musser Forests for the next Nobel Peace Prize.