Not Very Polite

A Democratic Lancaster, Pa. councilman – Nelson Polite – doesn't like the fact that a manager of a baked-goods stand in the town's Central Market displays a photo of George W. Bush. Polite claims that such a photo does not belong in a public place (offering an argument of a separation of state and... uh, state?), and also adds that it "rubs salt into the wounds" of those who didn't vote for Bush.

This has been reported on various blogs and Neal Boortz, providing a good deal of publicity. Here's hoping that David Stoltzfus, the stand manager, sees the best business he's ever had.

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In the Catholic country I

In the Catholic country I live in they hang other
icons in their places of business.

I suppose it depends on whom you worship.

Sick shit.

All of it.

Yeah, a reminder of the

Yeah, a reminder of the saving grace of God & the call to humility and repentence is equivalent to worshipping the state.

Yeah, that's sick shit, humility and repentence.


Wow this guy really knows

Wow this guy really knows how to make a complete arse of himself does he not? Its pathetic and shows what poor losers the Democrats are being...I mean grow up!

Is there a material

Is there a material difference between "showing admiration and respect" and "worshipping"?

AID: If this Nelson Polite


If this Nelson Polite character would raise a fuss about this situation, who knows what else he's capable of. Bad loser is only the beginning. Maybe The Onion should hire him without telling him exactly what they do. The Democrats can certainly be whiny, but this takes the cake.

Does anyone have Mr.

Does anyone have Mr. Polite's email address ?
I would love to chat with him.

I just found this

I just found this information.
Maybe he would like to hear from you.

Nelson M. Polite
540 North Street
Lancaster, PA 17602
(717) 392-4655
(717) 392-3434 (Fax)