Rest In Peace

The guys at HNN are saying goodbye as only they can. First, Sheldon Richman "eulogizes" Rather and Brokaw:

Who are these people anyway? Have they demonstrated some unique perspicacity over the years? If so, I haven't seen it, and I've watched my share. What they seem able to do well is read a teleprompter without moving their eyes.

...From what I can tell, these guys are both maudlin apologists for the status quo; loyal defenders of the regime, whoever happens to be at its head; shameless spreaders of the lie that the government is the people and that elections express their will. In other words, the anchormen are members of the priesthood of that appalling religion democracy. Brokaw has the distinction of having augmented the national mythology about the Good War.

Next, Roderick Long "mourns" the loss of Tom Ridge:

I'm tempted to cheer Tom Ridge's departure. Problem is, I cheered when Janet Reno left, and they replaced her with John Ashcroft; then I cheered when Ashcroft left, and they're replacing him with Torture Bertie. So there's no reason to think Mr. Panic Button's replacement is going to be any sort of improvement. Still I can say this much: I won't miss Ridge. Not even a little bit.

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