Ann Coulter is Pretty Hot - For a Man!

Strap-On Veterans for Truth exposes the hard-hitting, below-the-belt truth about Ann Coulter:

Ann Coulter is actually a former drag queen from Key West named Pudenda Shenanigans. ... As Pudenda Shenanigans, she was well known on the drag circuit in Key West. Whether she actually had a full sex change or not is a matter of debate, although her adam’s apple is still visible in photos, under the appropriate light. ...

The person known today as Ann Coulter was born Jeremy Levinsohn in the village in New York in 1960. ... Jeremy drifted for awhile before finding himself in Key West. Co-worker Licky Dickenstein described these early years, “Jeremy was a natural, I never saw anyone take to drag so quickly. Once he found his persona, he WAS Pudenda Shenanigans. For most of us drag was a part time thing, but Pudenda was 24-7, always in character, always in costume. She really shook things up, she was a goddess on stage.” ...

After that Ms. Shenanigans disappeared for years, only resurfacing in the 90’s as Ann Coulter. Her hatred for muslims, gays and feminists is odd for her former coworkers. Long Dick Gone, a former co-worker stated, “At first I thought there was something funny about this Ann Coulter. I mean here’s a woman who claims to hate feminists, but is in her 40’s, single, no kids, is very opinionated and outspoken and concentrates on her career. Ann Coulter is the biggest example of a feminist I ever saw. Then I noticed that in just the right light you could see that adam’s apple and that’s when I recognized our little Pudenda Shenanigans, the hottest drag queen this side of Fire Island.”

I hope this isn't construed as Slander. Or worse, Treason.

[Via Mobius]

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Since it's in writing, its

Since it's in writing, its libel. :)

I remain firmly convinced

I remain firmly convinced that Ann Coulter and John Kerry are the same person espousing opposing arguments connected by their transparent stupidity, and then laughing at his/her respective sets of supporters behind the scenes.

By the same token, if you squint really hard, George W Bush looks quite a bit like Hilary Clinton.

I still would. (Damn, I'm

I still would. (Damn, I'm easy.) But I would have to insist that she keep her mouth shut.

Jesus Max! Ewwww! You guys

Jesus Max! Ewwww!

You guys need a puking smiley on here...

Not entirely on-topic, but

Not entirely on-topic, but you've got an acronym tag on "Ms" in "After that Ms. Shenanigans disappeared", defining it as "Microsoft".
Automatic acronym addition is nice and can save time, but it has its drawbacks... :wink:

Oh, dear, I watched the comment preview, it also adds the acronym here...

I have never seen the

I have never seen the attraction myself. That nervous giggle of hers is annoying and she is not that good looking. :wall: This explanation is as good as any.

Pretty fucking lame and

Pretty fucking lame and sexist to make fun of the way she looks. BTW - since you have lowered the level of discourse, your mother and sister and daugther look like dick-sucking whores. Have a great day.

THAT... should be this

THAT... should be this site's new motto. :stupid:

Aww, Micha, admit it. You

Aww, Micha, admit it. You just don't like blondes.

I'm having a little trouble

I'm having a little trouble figuring out how pointing out that Ann Coulter isn't very good looking is sexist.

Hey Max, A mouth is a mouth.

Hey Max,

A mouth is a mouth. :wink:

This bugs me a lot. Do

This bugs me a lot.

Do people make comments bout the appearance of Art Buchwald? Or any other male comentator? Rush gets lots of fat jokes, but thatis about it. But any woman who dares talk has her ideas avoided and they make fun of her apperance.

And no, I don't think Helen Thomas jokes are appropriate either. If ideas are what is important, why don't we talk bout them?:furious:

Ann Coulter has ideas?

Ann Coulter has ideas?

the funniest thing is the

the funniest thing is the google ads at the bottom of the site.

As in the case of a Dutch

As in the case of a Dutch actress, my judgement of La Coulter is pretty easy: she's only funny when she opens her mouth... :smitten:

Man or shrill anti-female,

Man or shrill anti-female, Ann Coulter just makes me want to bark out loud like an angry Pekinese every time I see her. She opens her mouth, I go YIP YIP YIP.

Anyway, if she's got no secret penis, surely she'd be willing to drop her drawers and prove it. In the name of national security, of course: because only commie fag liberal jesus-stabbers object to public inspection and/or arbitrary investigation by properly trained federal officals.

ANN THE MAN!! Ann Coulter is


Ann Coulter is definitely a man! She gets a hard-on every time she thinks about bashing liberals.:lol:

She is also a fascist who wears nazi underpants.

i don't see how even

i don't see how even concervatives can like her, unless they're desperate enough to think a fourty some year old is hot. A friend of mine friend is the world's biggest feminist and calls her a cunt, and I don't blame her. She is probably the worst conservative partisan there is. God I hate that bitch.:furious::behead:

CatallarchyYour Comment

CatallarchyYour Comment Preview:
Howdy Folks:

Why can’t we all put our hate aside and find this poor suffering person the relief so desperately needed.

It’s obvious that, whatever the birth gender, this poor person really needs a good thorough corn holing by a loving Neanderthal Fundamentalist.

Can’t we find some Ollie North type to manfully chain her up betwixt the stove and bed and give her the sweaty, groaning, black and blue lump raising, baying at the moon workout she so deserves, craves and needs?

Poor soul. Let’s call Fox News and put in a personal.