The Strange Talents of Congress

Here's an article about the latest go-round in the medical marijuana fight.

The Bush administration argues that Congress has found no accepted medical use of marijuana and needs to be able to eradicate drug trafficking and its social harms.

Wow. I had no idea that the members of congress were medical experts capable of determining the exact medical use of a substance.

I'd like to see congress start thinking about the "social harms" created by their own policies instead of worrying about what Americans smoke in their spare time.

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I believe the good guys will

I believe the good guys will only win this case if they stay on the constitutional message. Commerce Clause, Tenth Amendment. Commerce Clause, Tenth Amendment. If you turn this into an argument over the merits of medical marijuana, you open it up to all kinds of irrelevant stupidity.

Hopefully, those on the side

Hopefully, those on the side of medical marijuana will be brutally honest in describing the "social harms" created by marijuana prohibition in the first place.

"Medicine by regulation is

"Medicine by regulation is better than medicine by referendum."

Someone pass me a joint, I'm nauseous. :lipssealed: