A Catallarchist\'s Thanksgiving

On this Thanksgiving, I would like to give thanks for those who further the cause of liberty.

Thanks to Milton Friedman, for doing more to advance the cause of liberty than any living human being.

Thanks to F.A. Hayek and Ludwig von Mises, for teaching us about having the courage of your convictions. From them we learned that a good argument is more valuable than popular support.

Thanks to Steve Landsburg, for writing Fair Play, one of the most eloquent and simple libertarian moral codes around, and the single best book I've ever read.

Thanks to Randy Barnett, for Restoring the Lost Constitution, and outstanding work of logic and scholarship.

Thanks to Jacob Sullum, Barnett, Peter Guither, Baylen Linnekin, the Drug Policy Alliance, and everyone else, for leading the fight to end the drug war, the single worst injustice in my lifetime.

Thanks to all the bloggers out there, of all political ilk, for deciding to stop consuming media, and deciding to start being the media (and make it better and much more interesting).

Thanks to Tyler Cowen, Alex Tabarrok, Don Boudreaux, Russ Roberts, Arnold Kling, Glen Whitman, Eugene Volokh, Will Wilkinson, Julian Sanchez, Radley Balko, David Tufte, Johan Norberg, Virginia Postrel, Roderick Long, David Beito, and Mark Steckbeck (and others), for spending their free time teaching me and providing me a model to aspire to.

Thanks to all those who died in the name of freedom.

Thanks to Cato, for being the symbol of "legitimate libertarianism." And especially David Boaz, for Libertarianism: A Primer, and for lending guidance to this fellow Kentuckian.

Thanks to the Mises Institute, for never, ever compromising on principle.

Thanks to the Institute for Justice, for defending liberty where it mattes most: for individuals who find themselves on the wrong side of injustice.

Thanks to all the guys at Reason, for giving me one day every month I can't get anything else done. (And for Choice, too. What a great collection.)

Thanks to my fellow Catallarchists, who are doing their part, and allowed me to help.

Thanks to my parents, who raised a son to love liberty.

Everyone have a happy holidays and continue to live free!

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Thanks to David Friedman,

Thanks to David Friedman, more than anyone, for teaching me to dream.

And thanks to P.J. O'Rourke, who taught me being a Libertarian can be, among other things, a shitload of fun.

Kentucky thanks A

Kentucky thanks
A freedom-lovin' Kentuckian gives thanks....

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That was one of most

That was one of most obnoxious examples of name dropping that I've seen in quite a while. It makes me want to barf up my turkey dinner. Do you know what cannon fodder are? People of Cata-malarky! Isn't liberty worth fighting for? Time for you to put up or shut up--off to Iraq with your Thankgiving-dinner-stuffed carcasses! REINSTATE THE DRAFT NOW!!!
P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to our troops (Why did your sorry ass fail to mention them?)

P.P.S Wimps!!!

--I'm no name dropping fool

I give thanks to the

I give thanks to the Catallarchs... No matter what others says, Catallarchy is the best philosophy blog I've seen on the net... Not to mention various other commentaries, sweet potato puddings, dressings, and pecan pies you do so well.

Oh stop that. You know I

Oh stop that. You know I don't belong in the same sentence as where you put me, nor in the same post as those other smart folks. Still, though, thanks for the kind thoughts and a belated happy Thanksgiving.