Talk about missing the point

It would help to actually understand someone's argument before calling him "loony" and "goofy", advice that would have been well-heeded by "Medium Bri" of The BlueStater Blog before his response to Don Boudreaux's post on abolishing the FDA. But Medium completely misinterprets Boudreaux's argument that a centralized bureaucracy cannot possibly fully evaluate what "safe" and "effective" uniquely mean for hundreds of millions of individuals and thus creates arbitrary standards and evaluations. Medium does not respond to this argument and simply throws out insults which have nothing to do with the issue such as "In short, once you cut through all the faux-noble free-market pseudo-logical rugged-individual bullshit, what you find is that Don is blowing a big bolus of smoke right up our collective ass" and "Is there a full moon tonight, or is lunacy just running amok on the right with no good reason?"

There's someone looking foolish right now, and it isn't Boudreaux.

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