The Economist names Ireland best country to live in

via "BBC":

bq. Ireland is the best place to live in the world, according to a "quality of life" assessment by Economist magazine.

bq. The country's combination of increasing wealth and traditional values gives it the conditions most likely to make its people happy, the survey found.

bq. Ireland was followed by Switzerland, Norway and Luxembourg. All but one of the top 10 were European countries.

Ireland has clearly been doing much better economically lately, and according to The Economist, Ireland also has excellent family and community life.

The US rated 13th, while the UK rated 29th. It's interesting to note that all of the top ten countries are on the "Heritage Foundation's Index of Economic Freedom's": "free" or "mostly free" list. Ireland ranks fifth on the list, with only Luxembourg being higher of the countries on the Economist top ten. The US ranks tenth on the Heritage list. I suspect this extends to most of the top countries on the list, though I haven't read the whole list.

The survey didn't actually *ask* people whether they were happy, but picked a few arbitrary factors that they thought led to happiness and rated them. That won't stop me from moving to Ireland, however.

For all you Americans fleeing to Canada: note that Canada ain't in the top ten either. But please *do not* move to Ireland. Move to Australia instead. You will be much happier there. Honest.

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Seriously, as an irishman I

Seriously, as an irishman I have to say The Economist's poll gives the country far too much credit.