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I blogged in September about the case of Weldon Angelos, a 25-year-old man who would be sentenced to 55 years in prison for selling marijuana while being in possession of a gun. Jacob Sullum today notes that the sentence has been rendered. Sullum adds: "He never took the gun out, let alone used it. He would have been better off if he had. If Angelos had merely murdered his customers instead of selling them pot, his sentence probably would have been lighter. Cassell noted that the same day he sentenced Angelos, he gave 22 years to a man convicted of beating an old woman to death with a log."

David Tufte has an, uh, interesting(?) look at the economics of neuticles (here and here). Yes, you read that right: the economics of neuticles.

My hometown got a mention in the Reason Institute Blog yesterday. We here in Lexington have had to put up with a messy attempt at a government takeover of the water company, which is run by American Water Co. owned by a German conglomerate. Voters in the recent election replaced several city council members who voted "yes" to condemnation, and the council now will vote decidedly against the takeover. Now, if we can only do something about that silly smoking ban. An interesting aside: Mayor Teresa Isaac ran and won two years ago with condemnation of the water company as one of her main issues. One of her campaigners stopped by my ex-girlfriend's parents' home. They are from India. She tried to sell the water condemnation by asking them if they were comfortable with their water company being run by foreigners. Nice.

Finally, my portflio's stalwart Altria (go big MO!) is up 5% today on news that the Appeals Court hearing the RICO trial of big tobacco is skeptical of the government's case for disgorgement of profits obtained since tobacco was found to be harmful. As a shareholder I'm delighted. As a libertarian I'm delighted still, but I would gladly forgo the capital profits if a loss for big tobacco meant that John Edwards would be disgorged from his trial awards since all these studies have come out now showing that cerebral palsy is not casued by obstetrician malpractice.

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