I\'m sorry too, but in a different way

Who says Americans are more arrogant than everyone else? Sorry Everybody demonstrates some American humility, misguided though it may be, and Apologies Accepted shows that 99% of the Europeans who've responded are some of the most arrogant people in the world. (Fortunately, the remaining 1% want to focus on beer drinking.)

It is nice that those Europeans don't blame all Americans for electing Bush, as I certainly can't be held responsible for that. It's the height of arrogance to assume that the Americans who voted for Kerry are rational and intelligent and the ones who voted for Bush aren't. If I had known this site would spring up, I might have voted for Bush out of spite.

It is this feature of the left that I can't stand, above all the others. I like to flatter myself by believing that I'm smarter than the average bear (maybe I should be more ambitious with my self-flattery...) but I don't pretend that you can't be smarter than I am and think differently. There are lots of brilliant people all over the spectrum. Maybe I'm not enlightened, but I don't see how enlightment can immediately make me a believer in the UN.

The attitude embodied in these sites is one of the reasons why Kerry lost this election, so maybe a different approach would be better for next time?

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I'm so glad they have the

I'm so glad they have the power to be the arbiters of sorryness. I'm pretty sure I wasn't sorry, but they pulled in the slack. You've topped out my misanthrope meter this morning, thanks Randall.

Americans more arrogant than

Americans more arrogant than the French or the Germans? Yeah right...:wall:

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I think the Sorry Everybody

I think the Sorry Everybody site is beautiful.......and yeah, I guess it does take enlightenment to understand it......