Now here\'s cause for celebration!

This just in: Palestinian President for Life Yasser Arafat is still dead.

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Like I said at over at hit

Like I said at over at hit 'n run....Good riddance. Perhaps Sharon will soon follow.

I think it is ironic that he

I think it is ironic that he didn't die in the supposed land he loved so much, but rather in one of the countries that helped him lose it.

As long as he's not replaced

As long as he's not replaced with someone younger, and angrier.

I'm just waiting to see who

I'm just waiting to see who the new scapegoat will be for problems in the Mideast. Arafat was not a good person by any stretch of the imagination, but I think that the right in particularly has liked to blame the whole mess on only one population group (the Palestinians) and then focus it down on one person (Arafat). The whole idea that some morons have that now that Arafat is gone all will be roses just smacks of ignorance waiting to be woken up by harsh reality.

But as I said, I'm curious who will get the blame next when things don't miraculously get better (hint: it won't be Sharon).

The new enemy is: Goldstein.

The new enemy is: Goldstein.

Sharon is not the problem.

Sharon is not the problem. Arafat was an unreconstructed terrorist. He started his activities in '64 and never quit. He lied, he murdered, he postured...he stole billions from his own people, ran a truly despotic "government" that made any machinations by Sharon or any Israeli government positively pedestrian and libertarian by comparison, and killed many, many of his own people.

Some like to remind that Menachem Begin was a terrorist...which is true, but Begin truly also changed his stripes, as did Sadat. Sadat paid for his bravery with death. Both of these were truly courageous, unlike Arafat, who was more akin to Al Capone than an elder statesman.

What truly bothers me is the adoration of the likes of Jimmy Carter, Nelson Mandela, Chirac and other so-called "leaders", and the fawning of the major Press media in reporting their sickening statements about Arafat.

Oh yeah, I also love the kind sympathetic words for Suha Arafat, who had not bothered to go see her husband the last several years of his life, plus reportedly gets over a million dollars a month in spending money, and lives the high life in Paris, while the average Palestinian has nothing.

At least Clinton, for once, had something sensible to say, that Arafat was a failed leader; and Clinton has the decency to stay away from the funeral for this murderer.

No, one man's freedom fighter is not another man's terrorist, in this case. There is no moral equivalence. Arafat murdered and led his own people down a bad, bad pathway. I don't care whether it was Sharon or Barak or any other leader of Israel, there was no peace to be had with an implacable terrorist and "leader" committed fully to the destruction of Israel, and NOT peaceful coexistence.

I hope the Palestinians can get out from under the shadow of Arafat, but I have my doubts. Arafat showed and even in death, continues to show that TERRORISM PAYS, when the world kisses his ass in memoriam. Sickening.

He's been dead for a week

He's been dead for a week now, they've only just admitted it. Nevertheless, I think this guy accurately captures my feelings:

"ARAFAT IS DEAD! Good riddance."
"Excuse me, can you repeat that please?"
"Excuse me, would you mind repeating that again, slowly and very loudly, please?"
"Please say it again?"
"What... are you DEAF, or do you think I am a LIAR, or do you have Alzheimer's or something!?"
"No. I hear perfectly fine, I'm sure you're as honest as the day is long, and my mind - thank God - is as sharp as a pin!"
"Then why are you making me repeat it over and over again!?"
"I just like the way it sounds!"