It\'s a Hard Enough Life for Us

Work is hell.

Hugh Grant announced that he may retire from acting, suggesting that "it's so long and boring and so difficult to get right."

Ron Artest of the Indiana Pacers asked Coach Carlisle for a month off to rest his aching body from his busy schedule (the NBA season just started), which included promoting his upcoming rap album.

Two examples illustrating why many people simply cannot relate with Hollywood and professional sports celebrities. I mean, if you are working in a cubicle farm with eight different bosses hollering at you all day, at least you can sympathize with the tough lives of Grant and Artest.

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In defense of Ron Artest,

In defense of Ron Artest, playing proball and banging groupies does take alot of you.

Ugh, Hugh Grant's retirement

Ugh, Hugh Grant's retirement is very welcome in my court.

As for Artest, this is an odd situation. Yes, cry me a river, it's SUCH hard work being a millionaire rap star/NBA star. But, on the other hand, his relative worth to his employer seems like its obviously high enough that he could get away with this nonsense. If he was a benchwarming 3-stringer, then, well, this type of crap would be met with a door hitting his ass on the way out. But, with higher value comes more power. It's simple economics...if Artest is worth enough to the Pacers, then they will give him time off if they have no other choice. If he is not worth enough, then, they threaten him with breach of contract if he fails to show up for work.

part of the problem with

part of the problem with rich celebrities is that they give those who do work hard to become and stay rich a bad name. Take Paris Hilton for example, basically never worked a day in her life but I'm sure her father and grandfather worked their asses off. The end result though, is that the average Joe looks at Paris and thinks all rich people inherited their fortune and therefore don't feel guilty when they take part of it away.

"if you are working in a

"if you are working in a cubicle farm with eight different bosses hollering at you all day" -- then you either have your reasons for being there, or you're being silly. There's no end of jobs, and plenty with far lower stress levels. You may have to take a pay cut, you may not. I hear plumbing pays silly money.

I have no problem with Hugh Grant and the other guy making career choices to best suit their preferences. If your career sucks, quit with the grousing and pick another one instead.

Don't get me wrong. I'm all

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for being paid your worth, no matter what the paychecks and perks are, and have always cringed at those economics-challenged folks who bitterly complain that [whiny voice] "school teachers get paid $x per year, yet Michael Jordan gets paid $100x per year".

I was just taking a satirical look at how two individuals' recent day-to-day decisions can seem so odd in others' perspectives... A coddled film actor adored by millions while dating supermodels considers his job routine "long, boring, and difficult." A pro athlete asking for a whole month off, with pay, because his fun extracirricular activities during the off-season have worn him out. These are nice gigs to have, and these guys deserve the luxuries that go with it. But it's amusing when it's put into perspective by non-celebrity individuals.

Besides, I was just itching to use an Office Space quote and the pic. :grin: