Catallarchy news aggregator

If you look at the sidebar, you'll notice that we now have a list of recent posts from the sites on our favorites list. Clicking on "full summary" next to "Recent favorites posts" will bring you summaries from all the posts in our favorite blogs' RSS feeds. Let me know what you think!

We've been discussing possibly making the archives links and possibly the contributors list into a dropdown menu to save space on the sidebar, so we can add a "recent comments" list. Feedback on this idea would be welcome too.

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What Wordpress plugin made

What Wordpress plugin made that possible?

The "Sean Lynch" plugin.

The "Sean Lynch" plugin. Bwahaha! :beatnik:

Brian is pretty much

Brian is pretty much correct. I wrote the news aggregator in Python using Mark Pilgrim's "Universal Feed Parser": and ["Cheetah templates":]. It just outputs two static HTML files: favorites.html and news.html, which are included respectively by index.php and news.php.

The program is basically a reimplementation from scratch of "Planet": using Cheetah instead of htmltmpl, a simple configuration pulled from a MoinMoin wiki page, and caching pickles of the parsed feeds instead of the raw text of the feed, which makes the code much simpler. consists of 115 lines of code, versus Planet's 760. It also has fewer external dependencies.

Python rules. I won't even talk about what I think of most PHP code I've seen, including WP.