My enemy\'s enemy is himself?

More tension in the Netherlands, to no one's great surprise. The anti-Islamic elements there couldn't have asked for a better excuse than Theo van Gogh's murder. It was a great symbolic act to the Dutch public of its fundamental antagonism with Muslim society -- imagined or not, it's real to them. It makes me wonder, how could the murderer be so stupid?

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yes, that was a particularly

yes, that was a particularly stupid act, as they are only surpassed as a nation in left wing moral cowardice by Kanada, there by now antagonizing the populace who would have normally ignored them no matter how bad thier acts were ELSEWHERE.

What makes you think the

What makes you think the backlash isn't exactly what the perpetrators wanted?

There are plausible reasons

There are plausible reasons why the backlash would be what they wanted, but none are convincing enough. They may have considered the silencing of this particular critical voice to be important enough that they didn't care about the consequences, but if they're as organized as they're portrayed, I doubt it.

I doubt that anyone who

I doubt that anyone who resorts to violence really cares if people think they are an ass or cares too much about the ramifications - not really. Sharon doesn't care - Bush doesn't care - the Van Gogh killers don't care... all these killers really don't care what anyone thinks - these murderers are off in their own world of their making. Later we find out the violent people were abused in childhood or were mentally ill - they were just working out their troubles on the world. These sick, violent people didn't care back in the year 400, 1200, 1900s.... Same old, same old... the Romans, Charlemagne, Bonaparte, the Spanish leader, Hitler... all these people have violently "conquered" the Netherlands. War is an old companion to the Netherlands.

Violence is a new companion to the US - so new that we really don't know war yet - the US hasn't really been invaded yet - hasn't seen hand to hand combat - hasn't been bombed day after day after day, year after year - hasn't been occupied - hasn't seen the whole population of a city killed because a commander orders a kill of everyone - like has happened in Maastritch and other cities in the Netherlands in many different wars.

All this violence - raping, murder, stealing - is very ordinary - evil is ordinary and careless. I take heart given that, as a race, over many thousands of years, we seem to be learning to rise above our nature. We are learning the downsides to reliance on faith in authority (religious or governmental authority). I got that off my chest... now I have to go.