Piling On

Did I mention the ugliness of politics? From one of the Daily Kos writers:

Marching order #1, therefore, is this: No matter whom you talk to outside our circles, begin to perpetuate the (false, exaggerated) notion that George Bush's victory was built not merely on values issues, but gay marriage specifically. If you feel a need to broaden it slightly, try depicting the GOP as a majority party synonymous with gay-haters, warmongers and country-clubbers. Because I, for one, am tired of hearing whiny complaints from conservatives that, not only do I not have values, but that I fail to properly respect the values of people who are all too happy to buy into, no less perpetuate, inaccurate caricatures of the 54+ million Americans who voted Tuesday for John Kerry.

Once upon a time, the blogosphere was filled with intelligent commentary and analysis you couldn't find in the MSM. Now we get "marching orders" (and I suppose, good little soldiers who follow them) to lie and demonize.

link via Instapundit

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