Who Said There\'s No Exit From Politics?

Voice is not the only mechanism of choice in politics. Exit works too:

Distraught over the re-election of President George W. Bush, a Georgia man traveled to New York City, went to Ground Zero and killed himself with a shotgun blast, police said yesterday.

No suicide note was found, but according to a Port Authority police source, family members said Veal, a registered Democrat, was despondent over Bush's defeat of Sen. John Kerry. A second source said Veal, who lived in Athens, Ga., and worked for the University of Georgia, was also adamantly opposed to the war in Iraq.

I think it's fairly obvious that more was disturbing this man than Bush's reelection. Then again, this isn't the first time a leftist has killed himself as a political suicide stunt, so who knows.

I liked this tidbit at the end of the article, though:

Jeffim Kuznetsov, a 25-year-old student from Russia who lives in Atlanta, said the suicide is evidence of how deeply many Americans were affected by Kerry's defeat.

"It's a national tragedy," he said. "This election is devastating to all who believe in democracy."

I love that. "This election is devastating to all who believe in democracy." Democracy is devastating to all who believe in democracy. When they lose.

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As the man from the suicide

As the man from the suicide in PA is still being discussed when he killed himself in '99, I don't think it fully qualifies as an exit. His dead body and memory are still a part of the circus.