More with honey than with vinegar

Back in early 2003, when the Democrats were casting about for potential votes & alliances for the recent electoral struggle, the thought passed through the lefty blogosphere that libertarians ought to come on board and sign on for the opposition. Unfortunately, the pitch was "your money or your life!", which is of course the call of a mugger rather than a warm invitation for political cohabitation. It didn't help that it was generally delivered in a smug tone tinged with sneering glee at our abandonment by BushCo & Herr Doktor Rove. So it was not for nothing that this entreaty was overwhelmingly rejected (and mocked) by the libertarianish side of the Force blogosphere.

Now this , on the other hand, is the kind of wooing I might fall for from a major party partisan. Why, her description of the Dark Side does sound better than a Derbyshirian dystopia. What was that about "quicker, more seductive," Master Yoda?

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Scroll down to "UPDATE:" on

Scroll down to "UPDATE:" on that post and see the first repudiation of these supposed lefties' new-found love for property rights.

Just when you think They are on your side, out pops the cloven hoof.