What happened?

How did he do it? Off the top of my head, a few answers come to mind.

1. Kerry failed to offer a positive alternative. His plans almost across the board were whatever Bush is already doing, minus the screwing up. Even until the end, most voters probably didn't know what Kerry would actually do (or what he actually claimed he would do). While Bush might not be very inspiring, at least they had a feel for him. John Zogby, in his appearance on the Daily Show a few nights ago, said that if the race were between Bush and not-Bush, not-Bush would win. The problem is that only Bush or Kerry could have won.

2. The media and entertainment industry were so unbearably smug and self-righteous (I'm looking at you P-Diddy, Sean Penn, and John Stewart, to name just a few) that their efforts backfired. People aren't that wild about Bush, but at least Bush didn't take every opportunity he had to lecture us.

3. As with the case of Howard Dean in the Democratic primaries, the impression the media gave was so far from what people on the ground were actually thinking that it mislead us. We forgot somehow that the media elite don't really think like most of us, and so now many of us are surprised by the outcome.

There are probably a million more decent answers. Your thoughts?

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- Relating to your Point

- Relating to your Point #2... Like Coulter and Limbaugh on the Right, Michael Moore and the Usual Hollywood Activists should realize they have no persuasive power beyond their own devoted fan base.

- Additionally: Kerry's own wife, already perceived by many as a condescending billionaire-by-luck elitist, was far more a liability to the ticket than an asset.

- The whole idea that "More registrations = More Democrats at the Polls" seems to have been a flawed assumption.

- It's disheartening to see how much mileage the GOP can get out of the Gay Marriage Ban and other socially-fundie conservative initiatives. Perhaps in a decade or two (when a generation passes), these issues will become less effective and the Republicans might have to resort to focusing on economic freedom and regulatory restraint again. We'll see, but not holding my breath.

- Kerry's centerpiece strategy for Iraq was that he'd welcome France and Germany into the fold to help clean up the mess... yet both countries already stated a month ago that they're staying out of the fray, regardless of who won.

- I'd be curious to witness an alternative universe where a slightly-more restrained Howard Dean won the Democratic primaries.

- Simply stated, Kerry was a dull candidate who ran an incredibly inept campaign littered with (perceived or not) flip-flops; and a campaign that was in some ways hijacked by the HateBush fringe (which only serves to solidify your own hard-core base, but turn off swing voters).

It's the fundie bigot vote.

It's the fundie bigot vote. Totally. I mean, a high-turnout election where the high turnout favored Republicans in the nationwide popular vote totals? What's up with that? The only group that would turn out that enthusiastically for Bush is Rove's four million "missing" evangelicals. They came out, they made "moral values" the most-cited top issue in the exit polls, and they won. Makes me sick.

Nicholas Weininger is right,

Nicholas Weininger is right, Randall. Rather than link this stuff up again, here's some proof on my blog.

Gay republicans for Kerry

The Dems never saw it coming. I'm not a Dem, but I'm a Watcher of Politics, and I sure never saw it coming. I thought these goofy homo-haters were just weirdos from Fascists-R-Us or something. Well, in a way they are, but there's a Rovian method to their apparent madness.