Pros and Cons

There will be good and bad as a result of this election, and the sooner we identify each the sooner we can prepare for each. Starting with the bad:

  • More wars possible. It's unlikely that the US military will invade the whole list of possibles, but an incursion into Syria, for example, is not too improbable.
  • More "free trade" and the associated attacks against it. Bush and the Republican Street Gang make it harder for libertarians to persuade anybody of the virtues of free trade when they talk one way and act another.
  • More Ashcroft. I am aware that Kerry himself supports the Patriot Act, but his base was not as hot about it as Bush's is.
  • As Brian Doherty pointed out, four more years of incessant complaining from the left. I can't take another "Vote or Die" campaign.
  • No admissions of error about Iraq. I'm sure Bush considers himself vindicated now.

There are some good things to come, not all actually related to Bush.

  • The Preachy Left have been exposed as impotent. For at least 18 months solid, I've been constantly barraged by nonsense from guys like Michael Moore and the guys I pointed out in my previous post. I got some satisfaction from seeing the low turnout of the 18-29 crowd and imagining how those assholes must feel now. Next time around we probably won't have to listen to them.
  • Now that all the activists leftists on the ground (i.e. the ones I'm actually around, not the blowhards who "lead" the "movement") are thoroughly disappointed, maybe they'll turn their activism from politics to actually helping their communities. If everyone who showed up at the Kucinich rally I went to many months ago joined a charity group instead, we'd all be better off.
  • No overt proposals for national health care. (I hope I haven't jinxed it by bringing it up; Bush is more than willing to spend billions or trillions that the Treasury doesn't actually have and I'm sure he's willing to challenge this point.) For whatever reason, Republicans aren't as gung-ho about this terrible, terrible idea, and as long as they stay basically opposed to it I won't ask why.
  • Now that all the election nonsense is over, the average man and woman will lose active interest in forcing their neighbors to do what they want them to do for another 3 years.

Do you, dear Catallarchy readers, have anything to add to either of these?

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Con: Hilary Clinton free to

Con: Hilary Clinton free to seek Democratic nomination in 2008.
Pro: Path towards "Saving social security" is probably somewhat less repugnant.

The collapsist in me is

The collapsist in me is happy that Bush won. IMHO Bush is well on the way to doing what Clinton could not: turning the US from the sole superpower into just another nation-state. Monetary collapse, here we come!

Good thing I'm about to sell my house and take over my dad's fixed-rate mortgage on the house he bought in 1974, along with his property tax base!

Con: If there is an economic

Con: If there is an economic depression in the next few years, it will be "capitalism" that will take the blame as long as republicans are in power.

Pro: The people Kerry would have appointed as head of many departments (Such as the EPA, the SEC) would probably have been much worse.

Yeah I think you pretty much

Yeah I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head, Randall. Mr. Lonsdale's comment is also quite relevent, as well. The GOP, for some unknown reason, are the party of Capitalism to most people. Another recession/depression under the GOP could mean an anti-capitalist backlash, which is the last thing we need now.

I think a primary "Pro" was

I think a primary "Pro" was mentioned while I was walking out the door this morning on the tele (although it was before the concession): hard feelings lingering from a brutal campaign season making it "even harder" for Congress to get anything done. Maybe that's too obvious.

Of course, this was seen as a "Con" by whichever talking head said it.

Pro: My leftist European

Pro: My leftist European friends won't go around beaming because "their" candidate went all the way. :twisted:

Con: Continued Republican defecit spending will shore up in the "minds" of many the notion that Democrats are the party of balanced budgets. :wall:

Pro: A treasure trove of

Pro: A treasure trove of data on decision markets.:idea:
Con: I didn't have an active account on Tradesports.:wall:

Pro: Military-Industrial

Pro: Military-Industrial Complex company stocks are golden as are Homeland "Security" providers.
Con: Import/export companies dealing with the mideast and technology innovators dealing in products falling under ITAR will have continuing difficulties

My fellow actors and

My fellow actors and directors seem to have shut up since Tuesday. They are all very glum and despondent. They definitely feel disenfranchised. Though I don't like to be surrounded by depressed people, it is nice to see that they realize they are losers after the election. They just need to realize that we all lose after every election.