Get out the Fraud

After my peevish defense of voting, here is more evidence that Jonathan and Micha are right after all: Voting machines found "pre-loaded" with Kerry votes in Philadelphia.

Brian: :dunce: or :bigcry: ?

UPDATE: Oops. Incompetent poll workers strike again, misreading the total cast "ever" vs. those cast today. Its a head scratcher why an electoral vote machine would have an odometer, but whatever. Seems that the coast is clear. For now....

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How about this: my friend

How about this: my friend Nate has voting day off because he works at New United Motor in Fremont, California, the plant that the movie Gung Ho was about. The union wants all their workers to go out and vote Democrat. Not that Republicans don't do the same thing, but the fact that no matter who I vote for, a slimeball from one of those "two" parties will get into power makes me sick.

The officials in Philly are

The officials in Philly are denying the news reports on this -- they say nothing of the sort has happened. The reports are widespread, but so far there seems to be no confirmation of them from any reliable source.

Here's a report that appears to squash this.