Democracy: the best form of government... for the government

With the recent posts about how great voting is, I figured it was about time I joined the fray and talked about how great voting is, too... for the government.

Imagine if you could convince people that there was something that they could do to change the world. Something easier than becoming directly involved with the issues they care about. Something far easier than overthrowing the government. Imagine, further, that you could convince them that it was their civic duty to engage in this useless misdirection of energy. Machiavelli would be proud.

I don't claim that this was the original intent of the Republic, but the Republic died long ago. What we have now is good ol' democracy.

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I fail to see where I, or

I fail to see where I, or Randall, or any other folk on the blog have advocated voting in lieu of doing other things to help society and your fellow man.

I didn't say you advocated

I didn't say you advocated that. However, people wasting time on voting and getting out the vote generally don't do those other things, which keeps governments in power without changes that tend to upset the status quo.