Briefly Weighing In...

Like some of my fellow co-bloggers, I also submitted a vote today and chose among the poor selection offered. I went for the Split Government (a.k.a. Gridlock) Strategy. Even the historically conservative-leaning Detroit News couldn't find it within itself to endorse Bush, or anyone for that matter. My being a fiscal conservative/social liberal (excuse the cliché), Bush has been too liberal in domestic spending, and a bit too conservative in his social policies, for my tastes in a candidate. While no one can guarantee that Kerry’s policies will be significantly better, I feel the GOP needs to re-evaluate itself in the context of its continuing to become the big, bloated government monster it claims to detest. And without getting into details on Iraq, I tended to fall off the bandwagon months ago in terms of the invasion and subsequent occupation. The pre- and post-invasion never quite sat well with me. So, given the drunken spending, protectionist activities, questionable viewpoints concerning gay rights, and foreign policy miscues, I'm not sure why this administration deserves to be rewarded.

If Michigan - my home state - was a landslide for either candidate, I would’ve given my vote to Michael Badnarik. But with polls suggesting a near toss-up, I begrudgingly checked off the Democratic Party for president for the reasons outlined above (My votes for Congress and local posts were generally a mix of Republicans and Libertarians).

I feel whatever I did at the poll station this morning will, however, be greatly overshadowed by my continued subscription to Reason magazine, my financial support to the Cato Institute, and spreading and trading limited-government ideas via this blog and other media.

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BushCo doesn't need to be

BushCo doesn't need to be rewarded, but... Kerry hasn't done anything to show that he's worthy of being rewarded for being NotBush. But, on the other hand, not much is likely to change with Kerry in office vs. Bush, so I suppose it's not so bad. :dizzy:

The Gridlock outcomes does

The Gridlock outcomes does not seem too bad on the surface. Bush needs to be punished for his crimes. Perhaps Republicans would at least go back to pretending they like small government once their socialist is out of the Presidency.

But I don't know if I can stomach Kerry being in charge of assigning 3-4 justices to the Supreme Court.