Today was Election Day

If you want to know who will win the presidential election Tuesday, don't consult a psychic or pour over polls. Look no further than NFL football.

Since 1933, the following has happened when the Washington Redskins play their final home game before Election Day:

1. If the Redskins win, the incumbent in office wins.
2. If the Redskins lose, the incumbent in office loses.

That's 17 elections.


Today the Redskins (Bush) played host to the Green Bay Packers (Kerry). Click here to find out who won today... and who wins Tuesday. :wink:

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You forget, this is the year

You forget, this is the year curses are broken.

I'm sure Kerry will thank

I'm sure Kerry will thank the Green Bay Packers and will be sure to make an appearance at Lambert Field

The Cowboys won-Bush

The Cowboys won-Bush wins.
The Texans won-Bush wins.

The Redskins lose-Kerry wins?

Tie breaker: The Red Soxs won-Bush wins.

Conclusion: Draw your own.

well since the Redskins won

well since the Redskins won then the referees called a bogus penalty causing them to lose, I am expecting Bush to win the popular vote then the Supreme Court voting in favor of Kerry in a recount in 5 swing states.