Introducing MC Squared

We all have our little hobbies. Lately, I've started writing Nerdcore lyrics. My first attempt went something like:

Some call me MC squared, some just call me E

I drop the beats so fast that you need relativity
to determine their length, or dilated time
which is why I'm also known as the Einstein of rhyme

To say I've released a bad track would be fiction
Let's get rigorous, proof by contradiction
first consider a track I've released
oh wait, there are none, we're done, QED

You say your skills are infinite - well that ain't shit
I'm a transfinite hero and you're not even aleph-zero
Surrounded by computers with a mic in my hand

I'll rock your ass worse than the putnam exam!

Lately I've been thinking about two other tracks, one about the wonders of genetic engineering, containing stuff like:

"I crossed felis and sativa cause I got that kind of mind

now I got a cat that hacks up balls of *kind*
but you better watch out when his tail starts to wag
cuz it means he's about to deposit some schwag, niggah"

And the other being the obligatory "I'm a badass" track (like MC Hawking's All My Shootings Be Drive-bys):

"Ain't gonna break your neck there's somethin better for you

gonna bust out the nanotech and turn you into grey goo,
and by the time I'm through with you they'll all be askin who,
the fuck did he piss off, and why was he so dumb -
you don't mess with anyone whose got the grey thumb, niggah.
And you don't mess with a scientist like me at all,
unless you want your balls railgunned to the wall,
Tesla coil up your ass, your short life careening past,
as you wonder why the fuck you didn't just...back that ass up.
Cuz I'm MC Squared, my rhymes scatter and splatter,
I'll chill you down to absolute zero, and then you'll shatter
at the first touch of my acoustic attack
I'm hard to escape like black holes attract, Mac."

Economics nerdcore will come later...

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Could this be considered an

Could this be considered an early form of econ nerdcore? :wink:

Iâ??m a transfinite hero

Iâ??m a transfinite hero and youâ??re not even aleph-zero


Of course, if he's not even aleph-nought, then he isn't really infinite, is he?

The italicized bit above is

The italicized bit above is supposed to be: "I'm a transfinite hero and you're not even aleph-zero". The comment box doesn't seem to handle slanty quotation marks very well.

Shonk - that was my point,

Shonk - that was my point, but I think I should say "but they ain't shit", rather than "but that ain't shit". The former implies that its not true (his skills aren't infinite), hence matches the later statement (he's not even aleph-null), while the latter implies that his claim is true (that his skills are infinite) but that doesn't mean much, which then conflicts as you point out.