Seasteading talk materials

My talk at Santa Clara U tonight went well, and I've put all the materials online, in case anyone is interested. Unfortunately there is no audio or video available, but there is audio of the similar, shorter talk I gave at FreedomFest. Even if you see floating cities as kind of crazy or utopian, it might be worth giving me a chance to persuade you otherwise. Particularly if you are interested in why we have so little liberty and how we can get more, please check out the first half of the talk, where I present my theory about why governments suck, and my analysis of how we can fix them. Or just read my paper on the subject.

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Guess I can revisit my plans

Guess I can revisit my plans to retire to a free-market utopia in tropical waters! I'd given up on them after the demise of Oceania.

Mundane floating concrete I

Mundane floating concrete
I attended Patri Friedman's talk on seasteading last night. Basic idea: build floating platforms to allow for social experimentation not feasible within established jurisdictions. Many people have had variations on that particular crazy idea. Friedma...