I'm off to see a press-screening of Primer. Jim Emerson, reporting from the 2004 Toronto International Film Festival, had this to say:

Ambitious high-tech entrepreneurs moonlight to build a new kind of start-up in a suburban garage. But what they've invented, they're not quite sure: it seems to be some kind of time-shifting device. An unsettling, almost documentary-like film that immerses you in high-bandwidth information overload: overlapping dialogue stuffed with technological jargon, managerial bureaucratese, and Silicon Valley slang, and jittery camerawork that seems to be fueled by equal parts caffeine, adrenaline, and sleep deprivation. Won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance, 2004. You feel like you're eavesdropping, perched on the edge of your seat, craning your neck and trying to take in and process everything you're straining to see and hear, throughout the entire movie. After one trip through "Primer's" silicon-chip maze, I'm not entirely sure just where it took me, but I felt like I was leaning forward, trying to catch up, the whole way there.

I haven't seen a good sci-fi film in a long, long time, so I have high hopes. I'll post my thoughts when I get back.

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