Best Election Commentary, Period

I know it's a few months old, but the best article I've read during this entire election cycle--one that keeps becoming more relevant every day--is Brian Doherty's Beyond Conventional Thinking over at Reason.

Read it, print copies of it, and give them to everyone you know. Especially all those "Vote or Die" assholes. At the risk of posting the whole article in a long series of highlights:

Little comes out of throwing your support behind candidates except further support for a system of petty controls and evil tyranny. Believers in progressive politics who are interested in the arts and experiments-in-living, as they so often are, have much more to offer the world—and, if I may be so bold, their own lives—by producing art and experiments in living rather than indulging in electoral politics.

On a related note, when Nick Gillespie took over from Virginia Postrel I wasn't very happy with the changes. Postrel was academic, Gillespie was low-brow and loving it. However, I have come to appreciate the new approach (and of course, to characterize it differently): policy proposals are well and good, but where liberty really resides is very distant from anything you might see on a ballot. I still see the use of policy proposals, and when I make my millions I'll send Cato a check with lots of 0's on it, but outside of politics is life, and that's what I'd prefer to focus on.

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