We Know Where You Live

A fun side effect of campaign finance "reform" is that the names of political donors become public record, along with the amount, the recipient, the donor's home address, occupation and employer.

This tool lets you search those records based on an address, returning information on donations from persons in the area. Yes, yes, the privacy implications are shocking, but this thing is fun!

What I find most interesting is comparing donors' occupations with their party of choice. Some hilights from my old neighborhood in Denver, CO include:

  • $1000 to Bush from a Small Business Owner,
  • $250 to John Kerry from a doctor at Denver Health Medical Center
  • contributions of $100 to $350 to various Democrats from professors from various state universities,
  • and $2000 to Kerry from the State Weed Coordinator for the CO Dept. of Agriculture

From my new neighborhood in Fairfax, VA:

  • $500 to Bush from the Director of Organization for Christians For Israel,
  • various contributions to Bush and the RNC from employees of the state government, Dept. of the Army, and Northrop Grumman,
  • $335 to John Kerry from an unemployed, disabled individual
  • big contributions to both sides from employees of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac,
  • and $1000 to Bush from a public policy analyst for eBay

(I picked these for entertainment value, don't try to read too much into it :wink:)

Of course both areas, being essentially urban, tilt firmly Democratic, and no third-party donations were to be found.

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