The Detroit News Chooses Wisely

Stunning a large segment of its readership, The Detroit News has made its selection for their official Presidential Candidate endorsement: None of the Above.

Some partisans may call The Detroit News, whose Op-Ed section generally rests to the right of center, as being wishy-washy and not taking a stand, but I find their editorial on their (lack of) endorsement for President as well thought-out. In fact, this is one of the best columns I've read in any large, mainstream newspaper during the past year.

Four years ago, the choice was clear. We endorsed George W. Bush based on his promises of fiscal conservatism, limited government and prudence in foreign affairs.

Today, we sadly acknowledge that the president has failed to deliver on those promises.

At the same time, we are fearful of the approaches to government advocated by the Democratic challenger, Sen. John Kerry, because they are at odds with the conservative vision of government that has long shaped this newspaper's editorial positions.

So we are left with a decision we detest but are nonetheless compelled to make: The Detroit News will not lend its endorsement to a candidate who has made too many mistakes, nor to one who offers a governing philosophy that we reject.

So what are we looking for in a president?

Someone who will be a good steward of the people's money; someone who trusts citizens to use their own resources to solve their own problems, and those of their communities.

Someone who is willing to set priorities and stick to them; someone who places the needs of the nation above political agendas.

Someone who understands that business, commerce and profits are not dirty words - they're where the jobs come from. Someone who sees America still as a land of economic opportunity and encourages citizens to pursue their dreams, rather than constantly reminding them of the obstacles in their path.

Someone who respects the Constitution and recognizes that the document should not be twisted by each generation to answer passing threats.

Given the Detroit News' yearnings for "fiscal conservatism, limited government and prudence in foreign affairs", as well as the criteria for their ideal candidate, this just screams for the presence of a palatable libertarian candidate to finally make a splash onto the national scene. Again, it also begs the oft-discussed question of where true limited-government proponents can go on November 2nd, and if the LP’s stubbornly purist ideology will ever be taken seriously by the mainstream.

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