Good vs. Evil: Predictions?

The Game of the Century, Part II is tonight.

My prediction is that the Red Sox win in dramatic fashion by doing something that has never been done in baseball history - coming back from being down three games to none in the series. bloodsport Sometime during the game, Joe Torre will run on to the field complaining vociferously about correct umpire calls. The spot of blood on Curt Schilling's socks will continue to grow and encompass his entire leg. He will later thank God for favoring the Red Sox and hating the Yankees. Cowboys will up. girlymanAlex Rodriguez will slap someone's arm like a little girl and then yell at the referee when he gets caught. Riots will ensue in both Boston and New York, for different reasons. Jason Giambi will make an unexpected appearance coming back early after suffering from intestinal parasites but will strike out as the weauxf gods take umbrage at his shameful deodorant commercials. Most importantly, Manny Ramirez will drive in the winning run on Mariano Rivera in extra innings, and Good will triumph over Evil. All will be right with the world.

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