Wilkinson On John Stewart\'s Crossfire Shenanigans

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Is he referring to the

Is he referring to the admitted fake news guy, or the other fake news guys?

Stewart has real (political)

Stewart has real (political) guests on. If he were just interviewing celebrities or fake celebrities, I could buy his fake news schtick "oh, I'm just the fake news guy, I'm an entertainer."

But he interviews politicians and comments on political events (albeit with deliberate humor/satire/sarcasm), which means he's a more entertaining version of Begala/Carlson, but certainly not "just the fake news guy."

And if you're going to lecture a political entertainment show about lowering the discourse, you need to not also be a political entertainment show that has significant real-world crossover that, well, lowers the discourse to mockery & sarcasm. ("Mess o' potamia" really raises the bar, don't it John?)

On the one hand, Stewart's

On the one hand, Stewart's right: stooges like those guys are just tools for their respective parties and just repeat the same tired talking points. The shallow level of political discourse is a significant problem, and they are part of that problem.

On the other hand, Stewart's hypocrisy kinda takes some of the force out of his argument. If there had been a chance that Stewart might have asked Kerry some hard questions, Kerry would never have appeared on his show. He needs to hold himself up to the same standard he holds Crossfire to and not hide behind the excuse that he's a "comedy" guy.

I don't really mind that Stewart has gotten more openly pro-Democrat recently; it's an election season after all, and we shouldn't expect him to hide his preference. I'd still sooner watch him than Letterman or Leno.

I liked the Stewart fisking.

I liked the Stewart fisking. It was funny, gutsy, and had some important truths. There is a big difference between arguing past one another and actually debating. The former is mere titillating noise and fury, like a Bruckheimer production. The latter is useful dialogue.

I don't think its anyones responsibility to be useful. But Crossfire is entertainment, not news, and its sanctimonious that they deny it. At least Stewart is honest about his show's comedic nature.

I guess I have a soft-spot

I guess I have a soft-spot for Tucker Carlson. But I need to watch the episode again. Did the hosts really claim that Crossfire is news and not entertainment?

The Daily Show may be comedy, but it's comedy with a pro-Democrat message. It didn't always used to be that way. It has turned decidedly partisan in the last few months.

Loved it. I've never seen

Loved it. I've never seen any guest shut up either of those two so effectivly. I've long put Crossfire in the same basket with daytime talkshows. People tune it in for the same reason they watch people with mental handicaps fight. Pure sensationalism. Sure I watch now and again... but I'm not proud of it.