Dutch Government Stuck With Pot Inventory

Because they foolishly tried to compete with the free market in growing, packaging, and selling marijuana by creating a publicly-run medicinal marijuana program. Blaming packaging and distribution costs, the government bud sells for twice as much as the plentiful coffeeshop alternative. As a result, they've only sold 175 lbs of 450 expected. The head of a cannabis research company misses the point by asking "Why is it that a legal commodity is more expensive than an illegal commodity?"

The crucial distinction here, of course, is between public and private, not legal and illegal. In other words, whoever started that program must have been stoned on the smoke of public power to think they could compete with the private sector. Oh well, at least there's an obvious way to console themselves - I mean, just how sad can you be with 275 lbs of dope lying around?

Full article at Yahoo News.

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Misguided, but if only my

Misguided, but if only my government were similarly misguided.

I wouldn't be surprised to

I wouldn't be surprised to hear they decide to sell the leftovers at insanely low prices just to get rid of it and the associated embarrassment, thus wiping out any ability to usefully recoup the costs of producing it and thus wasting another portion of taxpayer money.

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Oh this is classic...
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