Victory for Personal Responsibility in Michigan

I'm pleased to announce that there was some common sense displayed by my home state's government today.

Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (Dem) signed a bill today that bans lawsuits against the food industry for 'making people fat'. The bill was introduced by Rep. David Palsrok (Repub), who said that "I think it sends an important message to people in Michigan when it comes to issues of personal health and obesity ... Folks have to take personal responsibility for their actions."

Trial lawyers, of course, were not in favor of this bill.

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Politician in common sense

Politician in common sense shock!
Via Catallarchy, here is something you do not hear every day from a legislator: Folks have got to take personal responsibility for their actions. So said Michigan Representative David Palsrok, sponsor of a bill signed into law today in that state by De...

There's something really

There's something really weird about all this.

20 or so years ago no one would have dreamed of suing someone
for makin' 'em fat.

Now they're making laws prohibiting these suits.

Soon they'll be suing folks for being stupid. [Talk about clogging
the courts.]

Then, of course, the laws prohibiting these suits.


Such divine comedy!

As much as I disagree with

As much as I disagree with tort reform, on the philosophical basis that I don't want to take away the power of courts to make d

As much as I disagree with

As much as I disagree with tort reform, on the philosophical basis that I don't want to take away the power of courts to make decisions on its own and give that power to the State, I do think that specificity of this legislation lends itself to positive results with very few, if any, side effects.

However, I am 110% sure that the greedy, evil ambulance chasers are sitting around, at this very moment, figuring out how to exploit syntactical or semantic loopholes in the law.

On a related note, the day after Merck VOLUNTARILY pulled Vioxx off the market because it accidentally discovered some side-effects that were not previously known, the trial lawyers were putting ads on TV telling you to call them if you've ever taken Vioxx, and they will sue Merck for you. I just don't know how this will fly, unless it comes out that Merck consciously withheld information from, or misled, the public. Otherwise, how can you punish them for not discovering a certain side effect, as long as the FDA testing requirements had been met?

"The Legislature and society

"The Legislature and society should focus on preventing the sale of fatty, sugar-laden products in our nations schools or requiring that fast food manufacturers provide nutritional information on the food they sell," [The Michigan Trial Lawyers Association] said.

"The bill has little or nothing to do with encouraging personal responsibility and everything to do with encouraging corporate irresponsibility."

It amazes me, the bullshit people will spew! Food Corporations have no "responsibility" to keep their clientele healthy, nor should they. That is the job of said clientele. Is it the responsibility of car manufacturers to make sure people are skilled, safe drivers? Is it the responsibility of kitchen knife manufacturers to make sure that their consumers don't use the knife for violence against others? Of course not. Yet, somehow, this will "encourage corporate irresponsibility". Oh, yes, yes, everyone knows that, unless these lawsuits are allowed, those evil bastards will go out of their way to make their food unhealthy, and poison their customers. That's goooood bidness!!

Furthermore, fast food restuarants already do post nutritional info. Fools, all of them.

Good comments Evan, well

Good comments Evan, well written

Im more curious about whether or not any other states might do the same as michigan.??