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BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- Security for the Ryder Cup matches at Oakland Hills Country Club cost Michigan taxpayers $250,000.

Dave Payne, supervisor of Oakland County's Bloomfield Township, said Friday that the total security bill for the event was about $600,000. He said the PGA would pay the remainder.

That's right, folks. If you live in Michigan, you're paying for a golf tournament. This stuff happens all the time (and it's wrong all the time) but one part of the article caught my eye.

"State officials defended the expenditure, saying the Ryder Cup helped promote Michigan tourism and boosted economic development. They also argued that security is a basic function of government."

The first reason given there is essentially a blank check to blow any amount of government money. The same types who use that reasoning also like to remind us of the economic benefits of mass devastation.

It's the second that deserves more comment. That's what government does, is it not, the officials ask. Since security is the government's function, and security was needed at this event, the government must provide it. Next, taxpayers must pay for it. But why must the taxpayers pay for it? They only benefit in a vague and unrequested way, if they benefit at all. Why can't the PGA pay the government as it would pay the company that supplied all the lawn chairs, i.e. entirely with its own money? I couldn't bill Atlanta taxpayers if I threw a party, and rightly so, even if it were the greatest party Atlanta has ever known.

We can take the challenge even higher. Why must the state of Michigan provide security for the Ryder Cup? Surely the PGA has every interest in holding a secure event, and just as surely it has the money to do so. Why not hire its own security?

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Professional Gold-digging

Professional Gold-digging association! I love it!

How about when municipal

How about when municipal governments eliminate the middleman and provide the golfing themselves?:dizzy:

Hooking and Slicing

Oh, and as for the "party in Atlanta" remark: did you forget the 1996 Olympics?

NYC and the Olympics:wall:

There's something ironic in

There's something ironic in the fact that I just realized you, too, are in Atlanta.

That said, you probably can get GA to cover security for your lawn party. Let the local cops know you're throwing a party and you'd appreciate at least one officer on site just in case. Odds are high you'll get at least a frequent drive-by.

And if they don't, just

And if they don't, just phone in a drug tip. They'll be all over the place in no time. Priorities!