Pottery Barn Politics, Staying the Course

Bush 2004
"You Break It
You Buy It"

I stood outside the student center today with some liberal friends and signs bearing this slogan. It was conceived before last week's debate, but what better captures the essence of Bush's message?

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Seems reasonable. Kerry's

Seems reasonable. Kerry's mirror-slogan is thus implied to be:

"You break it,
Flee the store."

Hopefully he'll get grabbed by mall security in the parking lot.

The "Pottery Barn" quote

The "Pottery Barn" quote does seem apt. The US govt broke Iraq, the US govt buying Iraq.

Hmmm... I thought Kerry was

Hmmm... I thought Kerry was proposing to use more troops, not pull out. Oh, wait, he's going to talk France and Germany into using more of their troops before he pulls ours out. I wonder if he conceived the idea as a mirror image of the French/German solution to Yugoslavia?

Yeah, France and Germany are

Yeah, France and Germany are going to put troops in NOW, after everything we've seen in the past 2 years.

Who writes/buys this shit from Kerry? :furious:

Or is he just intoning the mantra as though the words themselves will make a difference?

"alliances... global... summit..." :dizzy: (mesmerized voters)