Beastie Care

Perusing through a recent copy of Rolling Stone, I came across a section devoted to various musicians giving their anti-Bush comments and opinions on the upcoming elections. Granted, some comments were well-founded (check out Moby), while others were simply out in left field (pun intended).

I held back a snicker when I read the commentary by Adam Horovitz, member of the Beastie Boys:

What's at stake in this election? ... Women's right to choose, prayer in school, my grandmother getting medicine - the list could keep on going. (bold added)

I found it interesting that Horovitz, certainly a millionnaire and more than able to provide for his close loved ones, is wondering how his own grandmother is going to pay for her medicine. [Now, I know he merely said "getting medicine", but unless he's talking about a national shortage of some specific drug that only Kerry will be able to provide once in office, I'm assuming he's referring to health costs here]

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Moby? A stopped clock may

Moby? A stopped clock may give the right time twice a day, but that doesn't mean the times it gives are well founded.

Eek. A comment like that

Eek. A comment like that seems to prove my liberal friend's argument that we need the welfare state because people won't make any effort to help other people anymore (true, the government encourages this, but most people don't see that). This guy is a welfare statist's dream- making it look like we need the welfare state because nobody will even buy some pills for his own grandma anymore.

Maybe he meant that his

Maybe he meant that his grandmother needs medical marijuana.

Geeze, Doug, he's a Beastie

Geeze, Doug, he's a Beastie Boy for crying out loud -- who knows what he meant?

Hence, my disclaimer at the

Hence, my disclaimer at the end of the post. But if I were a betting man in Vegas, I'd confidently bet the farm that he's talking about his grandmother's medicine costs.

I recall a Hollywood celebrity making a similar and more pointed statement a couple years ago about a relative (For the life of me, I can't remember who it was). "Beastie Boy" or not, it strikes me as somewhat comical when a filthy rich individual feels that the public should be forced to subsidize one of their close relatives.