The Governator has vetoed ~25% of the bills that have come across his desk.

:deal: -> :evil: -> :dead: = Awesome! If only W could do the same...

(via Hit and Run)

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The percentage fell just

The percentage fell just short of a record set by, surprisingly, ousted governor Gray Davis. Arnold's number would have been even higher, but the legislature tabled or withdrew lots of really flaky bills (even for here) that would have gone to a Governor Davis. His veto messages generally pulled no punches, either. He was up-front about the job creation litmus test. All things considered, a pretty strong first outing.

Why was Grey-out Davis

Why was Grey-out Davis vetoing so much? Is the California Democratic Party that much leftier and/or loonier than he?

Brian- The answer is yes.

The answer is yes. Davis actually vetoed a lot of the bad legislation that came out of the legislature. The problem was that he didn't veto enough of it. Here's the situation:
- Democrats control both houses by sizable majorites.
- Democrats in leadership positions tend far to the left of Democrats as a whole.
- Because the legislature gets to draw their own districts, it's rare for a challenger to unseat an incumbent.

We've ended up with a left-liberal, entrenched dynasty. The rest of the country doesn't understand just how bad the problem is, and why Arnold had to cut a lot of deals just to get a budget passed.