Human gives Ivan the finger!

Hurricane-proof house
This house survived Ivan the Terrible.
Dome Home after Ivan

I'm thinking we'll be seeing more of these, even if doesn't have the charm of a Cape Cod. What other crazy ideas will spring forth from individuals free to do their own thing?

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I doubt we'll see too many,

I doubt we'll see too many, as long as people know that FEMA will cover the costs of their unwise decisions.

I read somewhere that he

I read somewhere that he built the house with help from a federal grant, too.

Yep, I've been following

Yep, I've been following Monolithic Domes for awhile. Unlike many wacky construction ideas, they've actually built hundreds. Construction cost is about that of a normal house, but energy costs are then a lot lower. There was even one dome, The Eye of The Storm, that was built to replace a house destroyed by a hurricane. And there has been a bunch of press about domes in the wake of the recent hurricane series, here is the Monolithic Dome Inc. page about it.

I wonder if FEMA will rush

I wonder if FEMA will rush in and fork over taxpayer dollars to help fix the damage on the ground floor, replace the stairs, etc. As Micha said, what incentive do people have to do this? Everyone knows that it costs less to just build a track house on stilts, then wait for FEMA to bail you out when it floats out to the Atlantic.

Or you could just get el-cheapo government-subsidized insurance via the National Flood Insurance Program. From John Stossel's "Confessions of a Welfare Queen":

"In 1980 I built a wonderful beach house. Four bedrooms -- every room with a view of the Atlantic Ocean.

It was an absurd place to build, right on the edge of the ocean. All that stood between my house and ruin was a hundred feet of sand. My father told me: "Donâ??t do it; itâ??s too risky. No one should build so close to an ocean."

But I built anyway.

Why? As my eager-for-the-business architect said, "Why not? If the ocean destroys your house, the government will pay for a new one."

What? Why would the government do that? Why would it encourage people to build in such risky places? That would be insane.

But the architect was right. If the ocean took my house, Uncle Sam would pay to replace it under the National Flood Insurance Program. Since private insurers werenâ??t dumb enough to sell cheap insurance to people who built on the edges of oceans or rivers, Congress decided the government should step in and do it. So if the ocean ate what I built, I could rebuild and rebuild again and again -- there was no limit to the number of claims on the same property in the same location -- up to a maximum of $250,000 per house per flood. And you taxpayers would pay for it.


I did have to pay insurance premiums, but they were dirt cheap -- mine never exceeded a few hundred dollars a year."

Umm . . . move to a safer

Umm . . . move to a safer location and not expect the rest of us to bail you out every time the inevitable happens?

Ack - if you look in the

Ack - if you look in the Building the Dome part of the website, you find that the dome was at least partially funded by a FEMA grant in the first place!