Returning property to rightful owner... \"mugging\"?

"Should be called not 'tax cut', but mugging of the poor, elderly and working classes and of America itself."

- David Graham, a voter, answering the obviously loaded and biased question in a Detroit News cybersurvey: "Do you feel the federal tax cuts were worth the reduction in job-training programs, college financial grants and services for the working poor, such as assistance in housing, child care and food?"

Oh, where to begin... :no:

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So, you favor Shrubya tax

So, you favor Shrubya tax cuts for the rich, do you? May a boulder fall on your putrid head and kill you! I've had enough of you phoney, so-called Libertarians. You are a closeted right-wing Nazi! Shame on you!

As one of the rich who got

As one of the rich who got there by hard work, struggle, and a desire for success ...

Yes, I favour tax cuts for the "rich," if by rich you mean the folks who actually received them, ie. small business owners, low-end corporate organizers, and the like.

As a fine, upstanding man once said: "I was never hired by a poor person."

(My own feelings on the issue were crafted by studying evolutionary theory; that if, if you felp the non-compeditive to survive, it inevitably backfires by weakening the elements capable of doing so without help. That seems bad to me, one of the latter group.)

Alex, don't feel like paying

Alex, don't feel like paying for the war you support, do you? Pathetic!!

Oh, I happily give money to

Oh, I happily give money to people killing people who've said, loudly and repeatedly, that they want to kill me. Its one of the two core functions of government that I support.

The other function is keeping people from taking my stuff. Including them.

I really have very simple needs.