Government Gridlock. Literally.

Roads were blocked and awkward traffic jams developed, as today marked the seventh annual car-free day campaign in participating cities across Europe, Japan, and South America.

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This is, quite possibly, the

This is, quite possibly, the most retarded thing I have ever read about. Governments do some really dumb things, but this one takes the cake. I mean, when Huck Finn was banned for "being racist", that was pretty dumb. When Wesley Clarke said that this country was "founded on a principle of progressive taxation', that was downright stupid. When the United Network for Organ Sharings claimed that banning the sale of organs provides a greater incentive for people to donate them, that was really, really dumb. But for sheer unadulterated idiocy, you simply cannot beat setting up roadblocks and creating massive traffic jams in major metropolitan centers in order to "encourage" people to walk and ride bicycles to work.