First Hamdi, then us reports that "enemy combatant" and U.S. citizen Yaser Esam Hamdi will be deported to Saudi Arabia, where he also has citizenship, and be made to give up his U.S. citizenship. Can they do that? What's next?

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To be fair, Hamdi was only

To be fair, Hamdi was only born in the US and shortly after birth removed to Saudi Arabia where he spent all of his formative, cognitive years, and did not consider himself American. It was only due to someone checking technicalities and formalities that his technical citizenship (due to bad and overly expansive wording in the 14th amendment, alas) that he got sent to Norfolk instead of Gitmo. The irony is that he might have gotten out sooner if he were at Gitmo from the get-go..

But anyways, I hadn't heard that Hamdi was at all eager to keep or maintain his US citizenship, so its probably a moot point. On the other hand, though, I believe the SCOTUS has ruled in the past that divesting one's self of US citizenship has to be an explicit, intentional act by the individual in question, and can't be eliminated by government fiat or "presumption" of renunciation (such as, among other things, fighting alongside enemy forces). IIRC, of course.

The sanest thing to do in

The sanest thing to do in context would be to treat Hamdi like any other enemy combatant, which amazingly appears to be what's being done.

Padilla has been the more troubling case.