Tribal Ugliness

Apparently, VP candidate John Edwards was making a brief stop in Huntington, WV, and a Bush supporter brought his daughter with him to hold up a sign for Bush. A Kerry-Edwards supporter thus found it necessary to rip the sign from the hands of the 3-year old and destroy it, making her cry.

A couple of things.

(1) To the Bush supporter: Leave your 3 year old at home when you're protesting; 3 year olds aren't political and ought not be used as props for a protest/counter-rally (children ought not be used as props, period). Why take her out of her way to make your political point? And for that matter, why go out of your way to annoy the Democratic partisans assembling to say hi to Edwards?

(2) To the Kerry supporter: What the fuck is wrong with you? Making a 3-year old cry because you don't like her father's politics is pretty fucking low. Grow up. (oh, and if you didn't think that your little playground bully stunt wouldn't make the national press and, as such, tar your preferred candidate by association, you're even stupider than I thought). (and ditto to the father if it turns out to have been a set-up.)


Loathe as I am to link to the Prince of Insufficient Light, it appears that the guy in the picture has the uncanny ability to be assaulted by Democrats, and that the union guy looks suspiciously like one of his sons. In which case, I'd alter the post to read "Setting up a stunt like this to prey on the sensibilities of others is pretty fucking low, as well as really twisted". We'll see if more light is shed on this. (hat tip to Garth)

UPDATE 2: Wonkette also agrees, and links with a suspiciously similar altercation from 2000 (even down to the girl-on-my-shoulders bit). I smell CBS.

UPDATE 3: Well, Michelle Malkin called up the guy and his response is that since Huntington is a small town, everyone would have noticed his son as the bad guy. Of course, that doesn't mean that it wasn't an imposter who wasn't related. IUPAT (the union in question) has called Parlock up to apologize, though I don't know how dispositive is since I'd do the same thing as a knee jerk reaction- never hurts to apologize quickly when your reputation is on the line; you can always cry foul later, but you can't salvage a first impression of being reluctant to apologize for the bad behavior of your people. Still, they're in a better position to know, so if they don't cry foul in the next few days, it would seem that it is not as hoaxy as it appeared, but my first point still stands- it's pretty lame to (a) constantly seek out opposing partisans to tweak and worse still to (b) bring and use your 3-year-old daughter as part of your counter protest.

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There is speculation

There is speculation floating around the blogoshere that the supposed sign ripper is actually the Bush supporter's son and that the fellow has a history of claiming abuse from demoncrats. In other words that it was faked.

Bah. It's politics. It's

Bah. It's politics. It's all staged.

If he staged it, that's even

If he staged it, that's even lower. What kind of father uses his kid to stage a phony assault?

Girl With Sign: A Dead

Girl With Sign: A Dead Heat
The people who ripped the little girl's sign are unmitigated asses. So is the father. MAJOR UPDATE: There are rumblings in the Blogosphere that this was all staged -- see here.

"Let Them Go Naked" Marie

"Let Them Go Naked"
Marie Antoinette Heinz Kerry is apparently showing her concern for the little people again. MORE SERIOUSLY: There has been substantial recent movement in the Iowa winner-takes-all market. The share prices are now indicating a 60% probability of a Bush ...

Damnit all! That's what I

Damnit all! That's what I get for not reading here first thing in the morning! Hmph. I'm not even gonna say how long I spent on MY article on this crap! Damn, damn, damn, damn. . .

"A hecklerâ??s veto

"A hecklerâ??s veto isnâ??t free speech, itâ??s chickenshit thuggery (if not outright thuggery, as the RNC kicker shows)."

Bands of robbers and murderers (or cheerleaders for same) being the victims of chickenshit thuggery? That's just poetic justice.

Like Michelle Malkin, I also

Like Michelle Malkin, I also called the union. Only I was given different information by the general president's office. Like Michelle, I was told that the matter was "under investigation." I was also informed that the suspect in the photo has NOT been identified yet and that the union isn't even sure that any of their people were involved in a fracas with the man and his child. The sign thief may or may not be a union member, but no one has stepped forward and identified the man. Further, I was informed that the apology from the union was a pre-emptive, in case the asshole in the photo actually was a union member. For now, no one has been fingered or is facing prosecution, contrary to the assertions of some of the big government conservative bloggers.

This doesn't seem as bad as

This doesn't seem as bad as the RNC'er who kicked a female protestor and was caught on video, as Reason reported on Hit and Run.

I haven't seen the video,

I haven't seen the video, but that's pretty bad, too. On the other hand, the initial criticism still applies- why go and try to disrupt your opponents' rallies? The people who kept popping up at the RNC during speeches were obnoxious, as were the people who kept popping up at a recent Bush stop. Even more obnoxious were the self-congratulatory posts and links to how a local Republican/conservative Democrat group at an Ohio town organized a "counter rally" to drown out Kerry when he stopped by. WTF people! A heckler's veto isn't free speech, it's chickenshit thuggery (if not outright thuggery, as the RNC kicker shows).