Apropos of the recent bollocks on the subject of Chechnya, I figure it would be a good thing to link to a timeline of the Chechnya conflict, and point out:

  • 1991 - General Dudayev seizes control of Chechnya, declares independence. Yeltsin says "WTF? No."
  • 1994 - Russian/Chechen relations erupt into war.
  • 1994-1996 - Russia grinds down Chechnya and is ground down in return; gives up, goes home, and grudgingly acknowledges Chechen de facto independence.
  • 1999 - New Chechen dictator leader Maskhadov declares the phased implementation of Sharia law in Chechnya over the next 3 years.
  • 1999 - Splitters within the Chechen rebel movement form separate 'authorities' to rival Maskhadov, and begin invading Dagestan.
  • 2000 - President Putin, reacting to the suspiciously Reichstag fire-esque bombings in Moscow and other cities blamed on Chechen militants[1], starts up Chechnya War II, except this time dictated by a ruthless ex-KGB officer.
  • 2000-2002 - Russia grinds Grozny into dust, and 1.3 million Chechens flee the area. Russia issues ultimatims to what is left of the Chechen nominal government, but no one is left to accede to them, save for the original rebels-turned-guerillas-turned-terrorists. Russia 'wins' by default.
  • 2003 - Russia holds a referendum, and 'surprisingly' the remaining Chechens vote to be part of Russia.
  • What can we make of all this?

    Russia ought to have let Chechnya go in the first place, but after 2 years of fighting, Russia did let Chechnya go. Then Russia left Chechnya alone for 4 years. In the meantime, Chechnya started exporting terror to its neighbors and developed a reputation for anonymous mass murder that was used as a casus belli by Putin (as noted above, it was never proven that a Chechen terror/rebel group blew up the Moscow apartments, but the Chechens certainly didn't work to cultivate either a good alibi or a peaceful reputation).

    So while Putin has been at least several orders of magnitude worse than Yeltsin in terms of the brutality and fierceness of the Chechnya war, it really can't be said that the root of the problem is Russia's policy towards Chechnya. Chechnya as it was, was rotten. Leaving it alone meant dead in Dagestan (confirmed) and perhaps elsewhere in Russia. The problem, as well, is that Russia is almost certainly generating more of the bad guys through its bitter destruction of Chechnya.

    Russia's doing nothing/leaving 'em alone gave 'em terror. Doing something gave 'em terror.

    Life sucks.

    fn1. Who certainly developed and spread a reputation for themselves as being the kinds of bastards who would do something like this.

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    I found an excellent source

    I found an excellent source for information regarding the Chechnyan's, and their history:

    While they may find fighting for a cause to be noble or some shit, shooting small children in the back as they flee? These folks have regressed into some non-human species, I'm afraid.

    They should learn to kill

    They should learn to kill children in civilized ways, like bombing or blockade.