And now for something completely different

A blog hosted by the Village Voice from a "clothed waitress" at a strip club, blogging her experiences during the RNC.

It works a bit against stereotype. The Republicans are publicly uptight, but they're all about the strippers. The Democrats are publicly loose and like the "with it" pose, and yet the Boston strippers were disappointed with the lack of turnout.

Whats up with that?

(via Extended Phenotype)

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The Republicans are publicly

The Republicans are publicly uptight, but theyĆ¢??re all about the strippers.

Well, THERE'S a big surprise . . .

"What's up with that?" Easy.

"What's up with that?"

Easy. The Democrats have a lot more to lose by being seen at a strip club, since they can be more easily smeared in the name of "family values"; whereas Republicans, the vaunted defenders of said "values", are virtually immune from Democrats attacking them in this way. Yet another demonstration that, in politics, the more loudly you preach about a value the less you have to practice it.