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Doug Allen lives in suburban Detroit (Macomb County) and works as a market research analyst/consultant in the automotive industry. He obtained a BBA in marketing from Western Michigan University, and went on to Oakland University for an MBA with a concentration in International Business. Academia and general life experiences have shaped his outlook to favor limited government intrusion in people's daily lives, and the promotion of freedom and individual character. While he’s not a hard-core libertarian, he firmly fits into the "socially liberal / fiscal conservative" bucket.

Doug enjoys various sports (mainly just spectating), films, music (especially Britpop, downtempo/chill, and electronica), Alias, brushing up on the German language, the advent of satellite radio, and even the ol' shortwave radio on occasion. Traveling also fuels his interest, as he's been fortunate to visit Prague and Budapest in 2004, and plans to witness the expansive scenery of Alaska in July. He's also made a 2005 New Years' Resolution to put an interesting plot idea into writing a fiction novel, which he hopes to do in his spare evening time and have sent to an editor by late-summer.

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