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Given its position as the leading opponent to the US-led war on Iraq, the paper says, "France could have hoped to be spared this cruel ordeal".

Sounding much like a spurned lover, wishful thinking in the French capital turns to dismay. Such was the statement made by the French newspaper Le Figaro in response to two of its journalists being held hostage by Islamic fundamentalists. The 'crime' isn't troop deployment or business opportunists. Instead, the journalists are afraid of losing their heads, literally, due to a French domestic policy stating that no religious symbols – including Islamic headscarves – can be worn in its public school system. Regardless of what anyone's view is concerning the occupation of Iraq, only the naïve would believe that voicing opposition to the war automatically placed you in the good graces of nutjobs, and hence, avoidance of any "cruel ordeals".

Forgetting for a moment that this illustrates yet another controversial distraction caused by a government-run school system, and that a law forbidding such religious clothing seems silly in the first place, this hostage episode will demonstrate how radical groups could care less about past 'favorable deeds'. Apparently, neither France's opposition to the U.S.-led war nor the recent frighteningly-nostalgic spike of anti-Semitism have been enough to exempt the country from another jihadist headache.

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To be fair to the French, I

To be fair to the French, I doubt it was ever their intent to buy safety via their opposition of the Iraq war. No, they already got their intended payoff, they've raised their international status to "top dog in the anti-war bloc".

i doubt they want to go 'to

i doubt they want to go 'to war' with 35% of the electorate in southern france, religiously speaking and coupled with their natural knee jerk anti-angloism, seems to explain most of what they do.

Chirac was bought and paid

Chirac was bought and paid for by Saddam & the UN Oil-for-Fraud program. The other explanations are useful, but secondary.

The French are not nearly as

The French are not nearly as naive as this. They have suffered from terrorist attacks in the streets of Paris and other French cities for decades. They are experts in fighting these cockroaches, which is why our US troops are currently relying on French special forces in tracking down Bin Ladin in Afghanistan. (A little-known but true fact).