FLOW conference

Michael Strong writes: For the past year, John Mackey (founder and CEO of Whole Foods), Bob Chitester (producer of "Free to Choose"), and myself have been developing the idea of creating an idealistic, inspiring articulation of libertarian thought that provides a positive vision for the future. We feel that the existing free market movement is well-represented in the realm of policy analysis, but that young idealists continue to be captured by the Left because they don't perceive the idealism inherent in libertarian thought. After having met with various libertarians around the country, we are planning a conference by means of which these ideas could be more fully developed.

More information about this movement, called "Flow", can be found at Mark Skousen's summary of John's talk at FreedomFest, the Flowwebsite and the blog. If you are interested in participating in the conference or movement, contact Michael Strong.

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