Holy Toledo!

Eminent Domain abuse du jour:

The City of Toledo is giving a small auto-repair shop until midnight to vacate property at the edge of DaimlerChrysler AG's Jeep plant so one of the town's biggest employers can have more space around its sprawling facility and build a new entrance for trucks.

The land, once owned by Kim and Herman Blankenship for Kim's Auto & Truck Service Inc., is being seized by the city under eminent domain and turned over to DaimlerChrysler for economic development.

"They told me if I wasn't out by tomorrow they were going to arrest me and put me in jail," said Herman Blankenship, who has been fixing cars and trucks at the site for 10 years, in an interview Monday.

It's a bit ironic that it is none other than Ralph Nader being quoted so frequently in this article defending the Blankenships, including his annoucement that "the constitution protects private property."

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